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Change Ahead
Change Ahead by Carola Verschoor brings design, research and strategy together in the ever changing conditions of today’s world. Carola is not only the author of Change Ahead, she also created all the illustrations and figures herself. Change Ahead is published by BIS Publishers. All work is produced on behalf of Trendsactive.
Editorial DesignGraphic Design
Bieb Mini-glossy
Bieb is a small glossy, especially designed to help parents introduce their children to reading. It contains tips, tricks, games and interviews. Everything to kick-start their interest in books. It’s made for the public library of Gelderland. All work is produced on behalf of Trendsactive.
Editorial DesignGraphic Design
Stichting Tijdelijk Wonen
STW is a foundation that transforms old industrial buildings into apartments for students and young people. A great initiative as student housing is scarce round here. They’re making corporate concrete colorful!
BrandingGraphic Design
Looping Lou's
Case in progress, more coming soon...
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Tetra Pak campaign
This sustainability campaign for Tetra Pak, contains an add-on-pack which links to an informative platform. The platform is packed with tips, tricks and facts, all based on renewability, sustainability and recycling. All work is produced on behalf of Trendsactive.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignIllustration
ILL x Vedett
A limited edition pocket shirt and crewneck for clothes-store ILL and Belgian beer-brand Vedett. All made with help from the ILL Team.
FashionGraphic Design
Sistemsiz is an Amsterdam based collective, started with the intention to create their own ideal clubnight, without focussing on only one genre. As they put it “The night where Rio meets Berlin and Detroit and Angola make babies.”
Graphic Design
Just Browsing
Just Browsing is a spin-off from my final project at Art Academy. This low-tech t-shirt was designed to browse the real world. I have always been fascinated by the cursor icon. It’s the most recognizable icon of the digital world. You see it everyday, but very rarely point it out.
FashionGraphic DesignPhotography
Nu Ook Analoog
‘Nu ook analoog’ is my final project from Art Academy. Anti computer propaganda, devised to motivate and help people log-off. So put down the mouse, and explore the outdoors! ‘Nu ook analoog’ consists of low-tech products, including my own coffee brand ‘Recharge Coffee’. Recharge Yourself! The real way.
BrandingGraphic DesignPackaging
Mini Magazine #1
Mini Magazine is a self initiated project, exploring the ups and downs of my life as a forklift driver. Luckily this was a very short career, my first job after graduating from Art Academy, “oh man these were dark days”.
Art DirectionCopywritingGraphic Design
IJ-Brekers is an online video series conceived by video creative Marnix Haak. A short talk show filmed onboard the Amsterdam ferry, where commuters share stories with hosts Maarten van Rossem and Wijnand Speelman. This series offers a surprisingly funny and special insight into their everyday lives.
Graphic Design
Dik & Sip Animal Athletics
Dik & Sip, a range of t-shirts, linen bags, pillowcases and prints. Inspired by sport clubs and cool animals. All work was exhibited by The Coffinboys at the Blackbird coffeehouse. Dik and Sip is a collaboration started in 2010 by Ellen de Bruijn and Boris Rijksen, a couple both working in Illustration and Graphic Design. Dik and Sip is Dutch for ‘fat and grumpy’.
FashionGraphic DesignIllustration
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